Accessibility Information


Do you require accessible seating or assistance at the event but aren’t purchasing tickets in advance? Please get in touch by emailing to let us know, if possible. 

If you are purchasing tickets online, please let us know if you require accessible seating or assistance by answering the question located at the bottom of our customer information page:


Companion seating is available and can be reserved in advance. We are happy to provide free admission for support persons. 

Guide dogs and service animals are always welcome. 

Getting here

Arts Court is located at 2 Daly Avenue. The Arts Court Studio is located on floor 2, using Elevator B. 

When entering the building from the main entrance (on Daly), take a left in front of the doors to Gallery 1, through the doors, pass Elevator A, turn right and got to the end of the hallway. Elevator B will be on your right. Take Elevator B to the 2nd floor. The doors will open to our box office. 

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance
The building’s accessible entrance is located approximately 100m left (when facing the building) of the main entrance on Daly Avenue, and can be accessed by calling (613) 564-7240 in advance, or by notifying the Arts Court front desk staff upon arrival (there is a doorbell at the accessible entrance). When entering the building from the accessible entrance, take a right and go through two sets of doors, which will lead you to Elevator A. Take Elevator A to the main floor, turn right twice, and go to the end of the hallway. Elevator B will be on your right. Take Elevator B to the 2nd floor. The doors will open to our box office. 

Signs will be posted throughout the building for the duration of the event. 

If you get around town using the red & white limousine and are new to Arts Court, check out this custom travel planner before you make your way down →

Nearby paid parking options are at the Rideau Centre, Les Suites Hotel, or at the corner of Waller and Besserer. Free, short-term parking can be found in Sandy Hill on evenings and weekends. After 6pm and all day on weekends $2 parking is available at City Hall (a 10 minute walk away). 

Once you’re here

There are several wheelchair accessible and gender neutral washrooms located throughout Arts Court. 

Main Floor: Located right before the doors leading to Elevator A, very close to the front desk. This is a gender neutral space.  

Second Floor, Elevator A: When exiting the elevator, turn right. Immediately before the double set of doors, turn left, and the washroom will be on your left. This is a gender neutral space. 

There are also two gender neutral washrooms through the set of double doors on the right side of the hall. Regrettably, those two washrooms are not accessible by wheelchair. 

Please note: the washrooms on this level can be accessed from the Arts Court Studio by navigating approximately 15 stairs through the double doors in front of the box office, or by taking Elevator B down to the main floor, and then taking Elevator A to level 2. 

Second Floor, Elevator B: When exiting the elevator, turn right twice. The men’s washroom is located before the water fountain on your right, and the women’s washroom is located after the water fountain. These washrooms are each equipped with one wheelchair accessible stall. 

A water fountain can be found directly outside the Studio, in between the washroom doors. Although we do not sell bottled water at the event, we will provide cups for anyone who would like water from the fountain. Bringing your own reusable water bottle is encouraged, when possible.  

Sober Space And Rest Area
The couches outside of the festival box office serve as an alcohol-free zone, for those seeking a sober space, a quiet environment, or who might need a breather. If you feel you need access to a quiet, private area at any time during the event, please inform one of our front of house team members. 

Are we missing anything? If so, please email