a n X i e t y w o m X n

Written & performed by Kelsey Rideout
Presented by E T E R N I T Y

A woman begins to observe her condition with a never-used-before ingredient: non-judgmental compassion. What she begins to uncover is a secret web of voices found in the state of fear.

Kelsey Rideout (pictured)

...is a poet, writer and theatre artist. She studied monodrama with d'bi. young anitafrika during an artist-in-residency program from 2014-2015 at the Watah Theatre. She previously studied International Development at the University of Guelph and social innovation at the MaRS Discovery District. She recently founded E T E R N I T Y, an emerging multidisciplinary theatre company focused on artistry, education and innovation.

FM: If your show was a meal, what would it be?

Kelsey: "Bits and pieces of all things, in various states of raw and cooked, candy and crayfish, beautifully placed upon a hand-painted plate."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 19, 20, 21


 Photo by LOG Creative Bureau

Photo by LOG Creative Bureau