Beer Buddies

Written & performed by Michaela Steven

Pour me another, and I will spill my secrets at your feet. Pour me another, and I can blur the space between love and grief, old and young, tipsy and drunk, girl and woman.

Michaela Steven (pictured)

...has travelled across Ontario working in theatre production, front-of-house, and arts administration, with a focus on stage management. As an apprentice, she has worked with Factory Theatre, The Musical Stage Company, Upper Canada Playhouse, and the Thousand Islands Playhouse. In Ottawa, she has been a Volunteer Coordinator and Box Office Assistant for the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and was the Stage Manager for Burnt in this year's undercurrents Festival. Just before Fresh Meat, she will be backstage on headset at the National Arts Centre with the Musical Stage Company's production of Onegin. Michaela is a graduate of Queen's University, where she was a playwright, creator, dramaturg, poet, (sometimes) performer, and (always) the girl with her nose in a textbook.

The Project:

Michaela: "My favourite day-off activity is to eat a meal or grab a drink, alone. The food is usually pasta, and the pub isn't allowed to have televisions. Sometimes I'll bring a book, or a magazine, and most times I'll leave my phone at home. I really like being in a little corner booth in the world, eating something rich and yummy or drinking something frothy and cold. I was partaking in an evening alone, and thinking about the person who introduced this happy habit to me. We are so different in many ways, and somehow impossibly similar. I knew that the odds on that evening were that he would be doing the exact same thing as me, just somewhere else."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 12, 13, 14


 Photo by LOG Creative Bureau

Photo by LOG Creative Bureau