Created by Monica Bradford-Lea & Nicholas Leno
Performed by Monica Bradford-Lea
Directed by Nicholas Leno

Middle part ponytail. Pony sweater. Meet Beth-Anne, a horse crazy girl who just wants to be loved & desired. And what’s THE most desirable creature? A horse, of course. Beth-Anne must become a horse.

Monica Bradford-Lea:

Monica Bradford-Lea is an Ottawa-based theatre creator, actor, and producer. A graduate of the University of Ottawa with a double-major in theatre and music, Monica is extremely interested in creating multidisciplinary performances. She is proud to be co-founder of theatre companies Second Step, Spicy Day, and a producer of the new UPROAR Festival. By day Monica can be found working in marketing at the National Arts Centre, and eating snacks.

Nicholas Leno:

Nicholas is a director, creator, and producer who moved to Ottawa in 2015 to complete his MFA in directing at U of O. Nick is an associate producer of Fresh Meat, and works year round as an administrator for a Company of Fools. When he isn’t fooling around with Shakespeare in the park or making new work, he is probably eating chicken.

A word from the creators:

"The first glimmer of this idea goes back to 2016, when Monica was creating a piece for Fresh Meat 5 with her collective, Second Step. In one rehearsal, Monica, Cullen McGrail and Even Gilchrist all middle parted their hair, and secured it down with sparkly barrettes. This is the moment where the character of Beth-Anne started to float in Monica's mind.

"Inspired totally by her middle part and pony sweater, Beth-Anne was too interesting, relatable, and heart-warming to leave behind. After their work together creating a different non-verbal theatre piece, Light(less), Nick and Monica teamed up to make Beth-Anne come to life.

"This play is a journey of self-acceptance. Beth-Anne explores, in her own extreme fashion, the desire to be something other than what we are."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 11-13