Thank You and Good Night

Isn't it funny to think that just two weeks ago, we were having our opening night party to launch our lil' baby festival into the world? To release it, with eager eyes and hungry hearts, into your wonderfully open arms?

And since the festival wrapped up last weekend, we don't think that it's a coincidence that Adele released that new heart-breaking song about having to accept moving on, pretty much as soon as the festival was over.

Pictured: Adele crooning about exactly how we feel now that the festival is over. Props to Canadian director Xavier Dolan for what is possibly the best sad music video ever. ©Believe Media/Sons of Manual/Metafilms

But Adele is onto something. We're not saying "goodbye," we're saying "Hello from the other side,"  but most of all, we are saying THANK YOU.

So a big, sloppy, sappy THANK YOU to you: our audience. Fresh Meat 4 was by far our strongest year in terms of attendance, ticket sales, and support for artists. And that success was, in no small part, thanks to you. We can't tell you how much to means to have wonderful people in the city come out and support new and innovative theatre creation. Seriously: thank you.

But like we said, this is not goodbye. If you want to stay in touch with us until next year, like us on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter (@FreshMeatFest) and on Instagram (@freshmeatfest) for all the latest updates and all the worst puns.

Keep an eye out for #freshmeat5.

Until next time, 


Fresh Meat