Grab your forks and sharpen your knives...

The sun is coming out, the grass is less yellow everyday, and there’s something on the wind… Something we’ve missed; a smell. Something…

Fresh. Something…


Well maybe you’re not smelling meat, unless you live on a hobby chicken farm -they really fucking stink- but regardless, there is something fresh in the air and it’s the application for Fresh Meat 4! Now are the times friends, artists, and imaginers. Slap on some shorts, sit on a patio and dream up some sweet art. The trees are coming to life, the water is flowing, and your ideas should follow suit.

Take some time in the coming weeks to get inspired: when you’re out during Ontario Scene seeing incredible pieces, when you and your friends are dreaming over some drinks, when you’re on your nature walk, when you’re in rehearsal halls for your fringe shows and people get on a weird tangent piling ideas on top of ideas lacing them with absurd and specific details and then some one yells out, “that’s a Fringe show!” Take these moments and let them stew, marinate and cook- because we have the stomach for them.

Be inspired, be bold, and dream.

Fresh Meat 4 will be held over the weekends of October 15-17 and 22-24. App's here.


Fresh Meat