We miss you…

Hi everyone,

It’s officially been a month since the end of the Fringe Festival. This is the saddest kind of anniversary. It’s a sad-iversary. 

See? We’re so sad we’re resorting to puns like this. Please don’t hold it against us, we still love you, and we miss you. 

We were thinking of ways to ease the pain. There’s always wine… but that’s a bit cliché. 

And there’s always positive and healthy living, but… that’s worse.

So instead let’s reminisce. Together.

Over the next few months, leading up to the festival, we’ll be taking a look a few of the artists who’ve debuted works at Fresh Meat over the years to see just where they’ve ended up, where they’ve taken their work, and just what they’re up to. Stay tuned.

So join us. You can still have wine, of course. Everyone loves a cliché.


Fresh Meat