"It's our party, we can do what we want."

- Miley Cyrus

PIctured: Miley at her freshest, reminding us to party our butts off.

The Fresh Meat 4 LAUNCH PARTY is just days away! Featuring our unbelievable sponsors, Dominion City Brewing Co., and Seed To Sausage General Store, the official launch of Ottawa's Freshest theatre festival will be taking place at House of Common (11b Fairmont Ave, in Hintonburg) from 5-8pm on Friday, September 18th.

Check out our Facebook event for all the sweet deets, and for a v. important youtube clip of Bambi (but let's not talk about the ending of that movie, ok?). 

Entry is free, but donations to keep our festival fresh, our beer pouring, and our meat sizzling is very much encouraged. The featured companies will be unveiled, dope beats will be mixed live (none of which will be Miley), and lots of juicy meat puns will be all up in your grills.

Bring a friend, and bring your fiercest self. We know we will #mileyforever.


Fresh Meat