Opening Night, Baby

It's just about two weeks away from the festival, and we can't wait. We just can't.

We're too excited about what we've got lined up for you, we're ready to showcase our fresh-faced baby angels to the world, and we want you to be there for it.

Since we're so excited, we got to thinking: what's better than an opening night? An Opening Night Party.

On Thursday, October 15th at 7pm, the doors to Fresh Meat 4 will open, and we will all be there, happy to be together, and happy to be happy.

Our beautiful sponsor Dominion City will be wetting our whistles, as per usual, and we've got some ooh-la-la worthy ancillary programming coming to you brought to you by the ineffable Danica Olders and Laura Acosta, with their piece Van Go:

Wondering what's going on in this photo? Come check out Van Go on opening night!

Their piece is an omnipresent version of the gallery and the artist; the feeling you get when arguing, “what came first, chicken or egg?” The gallery model is transformed into a performance, in which the audience, oblivious at first, is not a viewer, but also a part of the work itself. A combination of projections and performers dressed in colorful wearable sculptures will create the Van Go Experience.

If that ain't enough to get your butts out to come and party with us, local music curatorial guru DJ Rosstronica will be spinning beats all night, to keep us boogie-ing.

Nothing g-Ross about our friend, Rosstronica

So come on out, let's dance, let's drink, let's be merry, and most of all, let's support some rad f*cking local theatre on opening night.


Fresh Meat