Coming Soon: Fresh Meat 5 (We're really freakin' excited)

It's officially only a few months until Fresh Meat 5, and even if we might want to play it cool, let's be real: we're really freakin' excited.

Year 5 is a big year for us. We've got a new look, and maybe even a new 'tude to go with it. But just like Jenny from the Block, no matter where we go, we know where we came from:

Did you know that in the past 5 years, we've hosted over 40 world premieres, put >$13,000 into the hands of local artists, and hosted shows that have gone on to be showcased at the Ottawa Fringe, Undercurrents, and the National Arts Centre?

Needless to say, we're pretty stoked to do it all over again.

Without spilling the beans, we've got our lineup, baby.

We've got 10 local companies, some new, some less new, and all powerhouses in their own right. Plus we've got a few surprises for you in there, too.

So come October, let's you, us, and maybe even Kristen Wiig (get at us, Lorne Michaels) come along for our freshest adventure yet.


Fresh Meat