FRESH MEAT 5 IS LIVE: Tickets and Lineup

We're so excited to share the lineup for Fresh Meat 5.

Oct 13-15 & 20-22 at Arts Court Theatre.

Tickets                          Lineup                      Schedule

$20 General Admission, available online and at the door.

$10 for students, at the door only.

See below for our killer lineup. It's lit.


Fresh Meat


Greg Houston Comedy: Space Jameration 

created and performed by Greg Houston

Second Step: S.S. Lightbulb

created by Monica Bradford-Lea, Even Gilchrist, Cullen Elijah McGrail & Franco Pang

performed by  Monica Bradford-Lea, Even Gilchrist & Cullen Elijah McGrail

Skeleton Key: Burger King Lear

written and performed by Kate Smith

directed by Madeleine Boyes-Manseau

Plants: Three

created and performed by Hayley Robateau, Jordan Moffatt & Christian Glas

Strange Visitations: Unzipping the Cat

written and performed by Kevin Reid (pictured below)

Additional programming: Darkness by John Doucet, Julie Le Gal & Manon St. Jules


Will Somers: Pierre Brault

written and performed by Will Somers

directed by Nick Di Gaetano

Aplombusrhombus: "OH NO!" Said the Parrot

written and directed by Mitchel Rose

performed by Mitchel Rose and Madeleine Hall

Rapscallion Diversion: Crow's Nest

written and performed by Jake William Smith

written and directed by Danielle Savoie

Deborah Ring: TEAD Talks

written and performed by Deborah Ring (pictured below)

directed by Gabbie Lazarovitz

Two Kind Boys: Boy vs. Chair

created and performed by Matt Hertendy and Matthew Venner

Additional programming: 7 Minutes in Heaven by Madeleine Boyes-Manseau

We told you it'd be lit.

In case you missed it:

Tickets                          Lineup                      Schedule