Fresh Meat Faves Get Wild in Montreal

Fresh Meat 5 alums Kate Smith and Will Somers are getting jiggy with our friends in la belle province during the 20th anniversary Wildside Festival at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal, OPENING TONIGHT.

Smith and Somers really take the cake.

Smith and Somers really take the cake.

The duo will be performing their Fringe hit Hootenanny! a show about famed Australian children entertainers who are on their farewell tour - but only one of them knows it. Full of catchy songs, video segments and mature content, this hilarious romp is on during the ten hottest days of winter at the Wildside Festival in Montreal.

Smith and Somers made Fresh Meaters laugh and cry with their respective pieces Burger King Lear and Pierre Brault and will surely do so again with Hootenanny!

Hootenanny! is :

Presented by Smith & Somers (Ottawa, ON)

Written by Kate Smith & Will Somers
Directed by Patrick Gauthier
Dramaturged by Melanie Karin Brown
Lighting/Projection Design by Seth Gerry
Video Design by Cory Thibert
Costume Design by Sarah Waghorn

Tickets on sale now.


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