Review Roundup → Weekend 1

Fresh Meat 6 got off to a roaring start this past weekend. Two out of three nights sold out, smashing our attendance records left right and centre. Five mainstage shows premiered as well as the first shorter-than-short piece in our Little Black Box.

Reviews hit the stands over the weekend, and we've compiled them for you here. We'd love to know what you thought, too. Let us know in the comments what your Fresh Meat 6 favourites are so far and get your tickets for weekend 2 before it's too late. 

Photo by Ming Wu

Photo by Ming Wu

Capital Critics Circle
Reviewed by Laurie Fyffe

Excerpt: "[Michaela] Steven’s writing is a double-edged sword; Beer Buddies emerges as a complex and well-imagined assault on the conventions of storytelling that skips and jumps across the waters of a dark pond like the perfect tossing stone." Read the full piece here.

Photo by Ming Wu

Photo by Ming Wu

Reviewed by Livia Belcea and Mer Weinhold

Excerpt: "Le Crip Bleu was bold, upbeat, cleverly comedic and engaging. [...] This performance transcends abilities, sexual orientation and gender to showcase a simple and universal concept: two people who want each other." Read the full piece here.

Photo by Ming Wu

Photo by Ming Wu
Reviewed by Jonas McLean

Excerpt: "It’s easy to agree that LGBT+ inequality remains a global problem in 2017, but harder to take an honest look at our own neighbourhoods as [Honey Dew Me] does." Read the full piece here.


See you next weekend!

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