Digital Town Hall on Diversity and Inclusivity: Now Open

We're keeping our promises. We want to be better, and we need your help: welcome to Fresh Meat's Digital Town Hall on Diversity and Inclusivity.

We want to have an open, honest, and constructive conversation about how we can make Fresh Meat a safer and more representative space, in order to serve the needs of the Ottawa theatre community. But having an IRL Town Hall meeting can be tough. Not everyone can get the time off work to participate, not everyone has the means of transportation to attend, not everyone can easily access the location.

So we're moving our Town Hall online. No need to show up at a specific time or place, we're moving the discussion right into your hands.

For the next two weeks you can participate in the conversation by:
- Completing the questionnaire here:
- Emailing us at with "Town Hall" in the subject line
- Participating in our live chat via Google Hangout on Saturday April 15th from 4pm - 7pm.

For transparency's sake, all contributions (which can be anonymous, if desired) to the conversation will be collected and published.

The Town Hall closes on Sunday, April 23. It's open now.

Come on in <3