From Fresh Meat to Fringe

From Ottawa's Freshest Theatre Festival to its Largest, alums of Fresh Meat have a long history of taking their babies from our stage to the Fringe's, and this year is no different.

Three shows that premiered at Fresh Meat 5 have been extended into full-length format and will be gracing the stages of the Fringe this year: Deb Talks (Deborah Ring),  Space Jameration: A Stand-Up Special (Slippery Slope Productions) and Ethel (Aplombusrhombus).

Appearing as TEAD Talks in Fresh Meat 5, Deb Talks is the full-length version of the ever funny Deborah Ring's hilarious foray into "ideas not worth spreading."

With multiple characters, each with their own strong opinion, and an even stronger way of sharing it with you, Ring takes the audience on a hilarious and wild ride with the "the most non-expert experts" in Deb TalksDEB Talks 2017 is sketch comedy all about the spirit of radically thoughtless ideas.

People have said nice things about Deb: “Ring is deadly funny”, “seriously funny” and she “must have sketch comedy built into [her] DNA.”

Deb Talks plays in Venue 5. Info here.

In addition to ticking our fancies, Greg Houston - a mainstay in the Ottawa comedy community - is serving up Space Jameration: A Stand-Up Special! A hilarious examination at why Space Jam is the one movie to rule them all (are we mixing references here?), Houston will make you laugh, make you think, and make it all feel better.

Produced by Slipper Slope Productions, Space Jameration premiered at Fresh Meat 5, and in it, Greg Houston founded a generation. Somewhere between Gen X and the Millennials (and not the Pepsi Generation) is a silly, quirky group, known as the Space Jameration.

“Houston is definitely funny – great laughs.” -New Ottawa Critics
“Houston earns many laughs with his self-deprecating sense of humour.” -On Stage

Every show Houston will be joined by a special guest: Deborah Ring, Lauren and Amanda Do It, Crush Improv, Tavis Maplesden, Laura McLean, and more!

Space Jameration: A Stand-Up Special plays in Venue 1. Info here.

Last up, having premiered at Fresh Meat 4, Aplombusrhombus' Ethel is the full-length extension of Madeleine Hall's show of the same name.

Last year, Aplombusrhombus made us laugh, cry, and hug each other in public, with their show Cardinal, for which they took home the Fringe Festival's Emerging Artist Award (and they also took home our hearts), and was described as “Powerfully affecting” by the Ottawa Citizen, and “Brilliant,” by the New Ottawa Critics..

A unique blend of storytelling and movement, inspired by the profound hugeness of one tiny person.

“Language and movement oscillate between moments of controlled chaos and precise finesse.” -New Ottawa Critics
“Phenomenal.” -On Stage
“Beautiful.” -Capital Critics

Ethel plays in BYOB B. Info here.

There are tons of shows at this year's Fringe that have had Fresh Meat's grubby little paws all over them.

In no particular order:

This year's Fringe is going to be fun, fab, and f*cking awesome. As always.

See you in the beer tent.


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