What's Up Weekend Two: Out With A Bang!

Weekend Two of the festival is almost upon us. Don’t miss your chance to catch this year’s fresh batch of shows, hosts, and all-around fun times.

Pay-What-You-Choose Thursdays at Fresh Meat

In case you missed it the first time around, this year at Fresh Meat, all tickets purchased in-person at the door at Pay-What-You-Choose. If you want to buy your ticket in advance and secure your spot online, you can always do that, and $20 General Admission and $15 Student tickets will still be available for Friday & Saturday nights.


Thursday October 18 - Alan Shain

Alan Shain performing in last year’s  Le Crip Bleu . Photo by Ming Wu.

Alan Shain performing in last year’s Le Crip Bleu. Photo by Ming Wu.

Alan is a multi-disciplinary performance artist working in stand-up comedy, theatre, dance, and storytelling, and is a co-founder of Propeller Dance.

He was also featured in last year’s Le Crip Bleu at Fresh Meat, a crowd favourite. He is also one of the straight up coolest dudes. What can we say? Alan loves to party and we’re stoked to have him host Thursday night.

Friday October 19th - Leslie Cserepy

Maybe the greatest photo of Leslie Cserepy ever taken.

Maybe the greatest photo of Leslie Cserepy ever taken.

Local and lovable actor, improviser and current holder of the “Haver of the Best Summer Ever” world record, Leslie Cserepy is joining us as our host on Friday evening.

Leslie is also a cast member with Outtake Improv, Ottawa’s only genre-based improv troupe and a frequent podcaster with PodCavern, and you may have caught him as Oberon in A Company of Fools’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is hilarious, no two ways about it.

Saturday Oct 20 & CLOSING NIGHT PARTY - DJ AL Connors

Local theatre hero AL Connors always deserves to be surrounded by twinkling lights.

Local theatre hero AL Connors always deserves to be surrounded by twinkling lights.

To close off this year’s Fresh Meat, AL Connors will be serving up some sweet beats in his capacity as both host and DJ for our closing night party.

AL is an actor, improvisor with Crush Improv, the General Manager of The Gladstone Theatre, and a seriously dope DJ. We are so glad to have him back this year to keep the good times rolling.

Lineup: Weekend 2

And of course, our amazing lineup of performances for our 2nd weekend of the festival.

From top to bottom, left to right our Weekend Two performances are South African, Eh? An Immigrant’s Story created & performed by Priyanka Gopalkista; LUST/TRUST // SHAME/GAME created & performed by Chelsea Passmore & Travis Martin; Crooked Logs created & performed by Tania Levy, featuring Will Somers; Drunk ‘n Shave, written and assistant directed by Shreyas Batra, performed by Shreyas Batra & Arthica Kumarakesary, directed by Sabrina Cassanova with rehearsal stage management, props & costumes by Shelby Williams; Thought Exhaust presented by The The Rorschachs, featuring Angela Schleihauf, Zak Pulak & Scottie Irving; and Practice created by Norah Paton, presented in the Little Black Box.

More information on all these shows, and much more, can be found on our website.

Fresh Meat 7 Weekend Two runs Thursday October 18 - Saturday October 20. And keep an eye out for next year’s festival. Till then, stay Fresh.

Tickets available online and at the door. Doors at 7, shows at 7:30.


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