We miss you…

Hi everyone,

It’s officially been a month since the end of the Fringe Festival. This is the saddest kind of anniversary. It’s a sad-iversary. 

See? We’re so sad we’re resorting to puns like this. Please don’t hold it against us, we still love you, and we miss you. 

We were thinking of ways to ease the pain. There’s always wine… but that’s a bit cliché. 

And there’s always positive and healthy living, but… that’s worse.

So instead let’s reminisce. Together.

Over the next few months, leading up to the festival, we’ll be taking a look a few of the artists who’ve debuted works at Fresh Meat over the years to see just where they’ve ended up, where they’ve taken their work, and just what they’re up to. Stay tuned.

So join us. You can still have wine, of course. Everyone loves a cliché.


Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat 4 Application Deadline: EXTENDED Until June 1

We get it, May’s a busy month. You're knee deep in fringe prep and those patios are calling your names. Due to demand from the community, Fresh Meat has extended the application deadline for Fresh Meat 4 until June 1st at midnight. That’s an extra 8 days to get them apps looking tight. Think of it as the Hanukkah of independent theatre.

Application here.

From our hearts to yours,

Fresh Meat

Grab your forks and sharpen your knives...

The sun is coming out, the grass is less yellow everyday, and there’s something on the wind… Something we’ve missed; a smell. Something…

Fresh. Something…


Well maybe you’re not smelling meat, unless you live on a hobby chicken farm -they really fucking stink- but regardless, there is something fresh in the air and it’s the application for Fresh Meat 4! Now are the times friends, artists, and imaginers. Slap on some shorts, sit on a patio and dream up some sweet art. The trees are coming to life, the water is flowing, and your ideas should follow suit.

Take some time in the coming weeks to get inspired: when you’re out during Ontario Scene seeing incredible pieces, when you and your friends are dreaming over some drinks, when you’re on your nature walk, when you’re in rehearsal halls for your fringe shows and people get on a weird tangent piling ideas on top of ideas lacing them with absurd and specific details and then some one yells out, “that’s a Fringe show!” Take these moments and let them stew, marinate and cook- because we have the stomach for them.

Be inspired, be bold, and dream.

Fresh Meat 4 will be held over the weekends of October 15-17 and 22-24. App's here.


Fresh Meat

Our Gift to You: The Weekend Inventive

 We’re all praying for the weekend. You’ve got a case of the Monday’s, to work hangover Tuesday, hump day, tricking yourself on Thursday into thinking it is Friday, counting down the last hours until Friday night arrives- sleeping in then spelling out Saturday followed by yelling night. It’s what we all want, it’s a place where dreams come true, adventures can be had and there are risks to be taken. Here at Fresh Meat, we totally get this. Which is why we want to take full advantage of the weekend and make some dreams (probably of the more artistic variety rather than the club grinding drinking kind) come true. Consider this your formal introduction to: The Weekend Inventive.

February 26-28 we are booking studio space to allow two groups to start creating a new piece which will then result in a public viewing and party- because art is always best paired with a party. We are looking for people to push past their boundaries and take some big risks to then be able to present them in a low risk environment. The most exciting thing to see is some one really push, and whether it is a complete success or a train wreck there’s at least something dangerous to watch.

So if you’re someone looking to try out a new style of solo show, or a new collective looking to try working together or a company looking to try something new- we want you. Take these holidays to re-connect with your artistic love and practice and apply to the Weekend Inventive. Fill out this application form and get it back to us by February 1st.

All the best,

Fresh Meat.