Centripetal Force

Written & directed by Hayley Dennis
Performed by Emma Hickey & Matt Hertendy

The Centripetal ('center-seeking') force is the force which keeps an object moving along the axis of rotation of a curved path.

If you're always going in circles how can you move forward?

Hayley Dennis:

Hayley Dennis attends the University of Ottawa, studying communications and theatre. She mainly focuses her studies on acting but over the course of her time at U of O has also come to enjoy stage managing as a combination of both her courses of study. Centripetal Force is Hayley’s first venture into the creation process of theatre and she is excited to see her work go from a concept to the stage. She is thankful to Fresh Meat for giving her the opportunity to try a new avenue within theatre and help her learn the creation process, and is especially grateful to Emma and Matt for seeing potential in her work and helping bring it to life.

Emma Hickey:

Emma has been practicing theatre for twelve years now and falls further in love with her craft with every project she does. She is both thrilled and honoured to work on Hayley Dennis’ new play Centripetal Force for her Fresh Meat debut. Emma is in the final semester of her theatre degree at the University of Ottawa. Most recent credits include Dogfight (UOMTS), Crybaby (Theatre Kraken), and The Team (Thousand Island Playhouse). She would like to thank her friends, family, roommate, and especially Hayley for their continued support over the years.

Matt Hertendy:

Matt is an Ottawa-born and raised actor, playwright and producer. He recently appeared in Lungs by Duncan Macmillan (Cart Before the Horse), for which he was nominated for the Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding Male Performance, and was co-winner of Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the Ottawa Fringe awards. Elsewhere, his play Rideshares and Rope Swings has been produced in Philadelphia, Halifax and Ottawa where it received two Prix Rideau Awards. Matt’s last Fresh Meat appearance, was in the infamous Boy Vs Chair with his currently on-hiatus company Two Kind Boys. Upcoming: the world premiere of his new play The IKEA Play, in April 2019.

A word from the creator:

"The urge to write Centripetal Force truly came as a great force out of nowhere. Even though it originates from a period of my life that spans over 3 years, I’d never found myself with the need to share this particular story. Maybe because I had spent so much time recounting it myself, examining it at all angles and even bringing him into the analysis process. It wasn’t until we had finally decided that letting go was our next step that I realized there was one final way I would need to explore our time together. Centripetal Force was written as a goodbye to that time of my life, and I no longer feel the need to linger on what happened, and what could have been."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 11-13