Created & performed by Caterina Fiorindi

*Presented in the little black box

[closeted] is an opportunity for someone to live out their Queer Eye dreams of a life-changing makeover. Dress me up and help a baby queer live her truth.

Caterina Fiorindi:

Caterina Fiorindi is an Ottawa-based stage manager and producer. She was a co-producer of Ottawa’s Youth Infringement Festival from 2016-2018. Some of her stage management credits include: The Rule of Three (The Great Canadian Theatre Company), Light(less) (Second Step), Little Boxes (undercurrents 2018) Swan River (Skeleton Key Theatre), In the Room (The Cellar Door Project) and girls!girls!girls! (Cart before the Horse).

A word from the creator:

"I was at work not doing actual work and reflecting on the importance of representation and about being in the closet. Seeing women who looked like me speaking about their sexuality was so key for me in order to feel comfortable coming out. But even after being affirmed by these other women I still was hesitant to own my sexuality because of how I thought people perceived me and my sexual history. So the idea for a coming out closet where I could face these perceptions came to me as I was not working at work. I then messaged my partner Alli and my friends Even and Cullen. They all thought it was a good idea so now we are here."

Runs: ~10 minutes
Plays: October 11-13