Crooked Logs

Created & performed by Tania Levy
Featuring Will Somers

August 1933. Toronto. Swastika Clubs. The Yid team vs the WASP team. They all went to one of the largest race riots in Canada's history and a baseball game broke out.

Tania Levy:

Tania is an Ottawa native through and through. Having grown up here, gone to school here, graduated here, worked here and only lived here (except that one time she lived in Hull) - she's got a good grasp of how the National Capital Region operates.

She graduated from the University of Ottawa's Theatre program, and started creating her own work right away. She is a bilingual, three-time Prix Rideau Award nominee, co-founder of Gruppo Rubato, and former Fringe Festival touring artist (from here to Vancouver and back). She has appeared in two iterations of subDevision, performed at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival, with the Ottawa Shakespeare Company, with Third Wall Theatre and with a number of other fantastic local companies. You may also remember that time she collaborated with Nancy Kenny on Roller Derby Saved my Soul, netting a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award. She also swears she's humble.

A word from the creator:

"Watching Hannah Gadsby's Nanette spurred me back into writing. The idea of sharing what your experience feels like - no sugar coating, no release of tension. For me - what do you do when you are both in the majority and part of a minority? How can you acknowledge your privilege, while still holding space for the part of you that will always be "the other"? No one seemed to have written a play about the Christie Pits race riot in Toronto and that's where I found my metaphor. Did Canada learn from that event? I don't know."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 18-20