Drunk 'n Shave

Written & assistant directed by Shreyas Batra
Performed by Shreyas Batra & Arthica Kumarakesary
Directed by Sabrina Cassanova
Rehearsal stage management, props & costumes by Shelby Williams

In light of recent events, Nikhil Das has decided to get very drunk. Why is he surprised that his parents didn't take the news well? Why did he lie? Why is this poet on stage such a goddamn disaster?!

Shreyas Batra:

Shreyas Batra is doubly excited to be making his stage and playwriting debut at Fresh Meat 7. Apart from playing the role of Nikhil in Drunk 'n Shave, Shreyas is the current co-choreographer for Cabaret: The Musical (Suzart Productions), (hopefully) a performer in Elf: The Musical (Suzart Productions), and is in the midst of writing original projects for both Youth Infringement 2019, and Ottawa Fringe 2019 (let the luck of the lottery be ever in his favour). He has previously worked as a stage manager for Jimmy? (Youth Infringement 2018); and performed as part of the ensemble in Legally Blonde: The Musical (UOMTS), and The Rocky Horror Show (Suzart Productions). Since 2015, he remains one of the core choreographers for the uOttawa Dance Club, and is proud to hold such a position! When Shreyas isn’t dancing, choreographing, memorizing lines, or getting actors to focus on their work (I’m looking at you TJ!), he studies theatre and psychology at the University of Ottawa, and loves every moment of the work he does. He would like to thank his amazing friends for joining him on this adventure, his family who constantly support him, and all the other amazing people who believe in him and his talents. 

Arthica Kumarakesary:

Arthica Kumarakesary, who plays the role of Sasha, is extremely proud to be joining the cast of Drunk 'n Shave for Fresh Meat 7. Arthica is a fourth-year international development student at the University of Ottawa and is currently pursuing a minor in theatre. This will be her first show at the Fresh Meat festival. Arthica would like to thank her family for their continued support as well as Shreyas Batra for giving her the opportunity to engage in this valuable experience.

Sabrina Cassanova:

Sabrina Cassanova is a 21 year-old Theatre student at the University of Ottawa; and though she was not heavily involved in the theatre scene during high school, she’s always loved the art form. She loves the way it acts as a great way to express her creativity, creates connections with audiences, and how “live” it all is. Sabrina aims to become a stage director in the near future, and is ecstatic to work with such a great team on Drunk 'n Shave for Fresh Meat 7. She would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her style of crazy creativity – she could not do all this without them.

Shelby Williams:

Shelby Williams is a 3rd year theatre student at the University of Ottawa, and she’s eager to get out and start working with other theatre professionals! She has some experience within the University and is excited to expand her knowledge of all things theatre. She would like to thank her mom for being her number one supporter and never discouraging her theatre dreams; as well as all her friends who put up with Grumpy Shelby when she’s up all night working on theatre things. She’s super excited for you to partake in the experience that is Drunk ‘n Shave. She hopes that you love it as much as she did.

A word from the creator:

"In summer 2017, I was at work when the idea just smacked my head. POOF! Here's an idea. So I called up my friend, Martha, and told her about the idea. She loved it and gave me her blessing. I started writing what eventually became The Beard Wife. I decided to aim for Youth Infringement as a way to have it performed. I submitted my work to YIF, and it got through! I worked with an inspiring writer-mentor on TBW, and submitted my final draft. Then! A director chose the show that I had written, and we went into auditions. The show calls for a cast of 9-12, all people of colour. Unfortunately, the audition turnout saw five people of colour and TBW was scrapped in favour of another play. I was devastated, but had to move on.

"In June, I received an email from my writer-mentor about Fresh Meat 7. I thought - maybe TBW can be performed after all. However, I couldn't perform TBW the way it wasn't intended. So I wrote this show as a "companion piece" to TBW where we see what happens to Nikhil between the revelation of his secrets, and the epilogue."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 18-20