Freda and Me

Written & Performed by Wardie Leppan
Directed & Dramaturgy by Pierre Brault

Theatre, storytelling and occasional bouts of comedy about a white anti-apartheid activist’s journey, white privilege and integration into Canada.

Wardie Leppan: 

Wardie, originally from South Africa, is a retiree who worked for 30 years in international development.  In retirement he has turned his hand to standup comedy performing about ten times a month primarily in Ottawa but also in Montreal, Kingston, Thunder Bay and all up the Ottawa Valley.

A word from the creator:

"I am constantly being told by Canadian relatives and friends that I need to write about my experiences in the anti-apartheid struggles, what it was like growing up in South Africa and the challenges of coming to Canada as a refugee.”

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 10- 12