Holding Mercury

Written and created by Kristina Watt
Creative team: Steve Geyer (music), Nick Carpenter (creative collaboration), Andrea Connell (creative & production assistant)
Presented by 100 Watt Productions

A doctor. A poet (maybe). A brain and a woman. This is not, no, not a sad story. It is one of seeking what can be possible in a world and with a brain that can, yes, can change.

Kristina Watt (pictured)

...is a theatre artist who loves to perform and who grapples with creating new work. Particle is a recent new work still in development, with co-creator Martha Ross. She is a teaching artist, driven by a fascination of collaborating with youth in many forms, such as TWA (Artistic Director), the 100 Watt Earth Stage, and new work such as 12 Drops and 1 Moon. Kristina has been awarded three Prix Rideau Awards for performances in Angel Square (GCTC), Blackbird and Top Girls (Third Wall). 

The Project:

Kristina: "A few years ago, in just 90 days, 77 blips of text (poems?) erupted from me. I put them away. They've kept calling me. This past year, I experienced so much loss at once that my whole being shifted. With loss came courage..I think. As I felt me break into different shaped pieces, I kept seeing something, something that happens in a place where poetry meets science, where a person and her brain speak."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 19, 20, 21


 Photo by LOG Creative Bureau

Photo by LOG Creative Bureau