Created by Helen Thai
Performed by Franco Pang and Helen Thai
Directed by Kristina Watt

Trepidation is accelerating. Rice is cooking. Communication is fading. In-between is a theatrical wave of how culture and vitality remains, ripples and reverberates into the next generation.

Helen Thai (top) a second-generation theatre artist, business student and descendent of diaspora based in Ottawa, Ontario. Formal acting training stems from Third Wall Academy; informal training as an artist continues to evolve from life; and opportunity to perform comes from her parents’ love and sacrifice. Recent credits include Tiny Dynamite (2017), Fugee (2016), and The Grandfathers (2015). In-between is a debut of Helen's first written development. 

Franco Pang a theatre creator who has worked as an actor, designer, stage manager, and director in Ottawa. He was named one of NOW Magazine's "10 artists to watch" for his work on Jordan Tannahill's Concord Floral. His recent credits include: Three to Leave (Floral Theatre), House Show (Two Second Push Up), and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Toto Too Theatre).

FM: If your show was a meal, what would it be?

Helen: "A vegan bowl of pho: not entirely the real thing and not entirely not the real thing."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 19, 20, 21


 Photos by LOG Creative Bureau

Photos by LOG Creative Bureau