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“Where do we come from? How did we get here?” 

Six years ago we were six artists performing in a west end sandwich shop. I think we made a hundred bucks. 

Today, Fresh Meat is a nationally-recognized festival of new short works by local artists. It is unique to Ottawa and peerless in Canada. The 2017 lineup boasts a crop of 12 independent collectives with new stories to tell, and new limits to test. 

A digital town hall held earlier this year gave us insights on how to become a more inclusive festival, and better serve the Ottawa theatre community. We underwent a rigorous outreach campaign towards underrepresented communities and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by stories of identity, wanting to be told through dance, movement, music, or words. 

In the following pages you'll be introduced to this year's artists and their stories. Where do they come from? How did they get here? We can't wait to show you. 

With love, 

Fresh Meat

Emily Carvell - Festival Director
Madeleine Hall - Media & Marketing Director
Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha - Front of House & Outreach Coordinator
Jillian Keene & Nicholas Leno - Associate Producers