Choregraphed & performed by Geoffrey Dollar

A depiction of sensory loss and its impact on the human body and mind. Through movement and speech, the work brings awareness to the senses that we, so often, take for granted

Geoffrey Dollar (pictured)

... is a recent graduate of The School of Dance's Contemporary Dance Diploma Programme, an alumnus of De-La-Salle High School's Dance Programme and an active member of Ottawa's bustling dance community. He has worked with several dance companies and performing arts organizations including Créations InVivo, the NAC Dance Department, MASC, Propeller Dance, Momentum Moves, FESFO, Le Jazz Hot Dance Company, Sinha Danse (Montreal) as well as Saveeta Sharma Classical Indian Dance Company. He has also worked with local emerging choreographers such as; Amelia Griffin, and Jordan Samonas. Swing dancing, salsa, aerial silks, gymnastics, and yoga are complimentary movement practices that also contribute to his growth as a performing artist. He hopes to remain in Ottawa to help bridge gaps between its performing arts communities and contribute to their growth.

The Project:

Geoffrey: "Having faced total (though temporary) vision loss in both eyes, and now living as monocular, I noticed changes in the way I perceive the world around me. Losing one sense had in fact strengthened the others. My interest in, and understanding of music grew as did the sensitivity in my fingers and my senses of taste and smell. Without sharing my entire life story, I hope to encourage others to experience these observation through imagination and understanding. My involvement in the disability arts community through Propeller Dance has also allowed me to realize that everyone has a voice and story to share. This is what makes an arts community vibrant in my opinion, and not paying attention to one group or another is a detriment to the community and to the art forms."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 19, 20, 21


 Photo by LOG Creative Bureau

Photo by LOG Creative Bureau