Le Crip Bleu

Created & performed by Frank Hull and Alan Shain
Original concept by Michele Decottignies 

Two guys. Power wheelchairs. Burlesque. Need we say more? Or perhaps we have said too much already.

Frank Hull (top)

...is an established, professional artist who proudly lives with cerebral palsy and madness, embraces his Mi'kmaq heritage, and celebrates his gay identity. Originally a choir vocalist, over the past fifteen years Hull has distinguished himself as one of Canada's most prominent power wheelchair choreographers and dancers. He more recently expanded his repertoire to include live and digital performance. Hull's artistic practice is multidisciplinary, consisting of varied, vibrant works in dance, theatre, music and media arts. His artistic vision is to reveal the impacts of trauma and oppression on the body while positioning "deviant" bodies as a source of aesthetic appreciation, beauty and enrichment.

Alan Shain

...is a multidisciplinary performance artist working in-stand-up comedy, theatre, dance, and storytelling. His work has attitude. He blends comedy with a strong flavour of honesty and truth, while drawing from the lived experience of disability. He has toured extensively across North America, England, and Australia, performing in venues such as the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and for events such as the Paralympian Arts Festival. Alan is one of the co-founders of Propeller Dance. Alan’s work in dance has focused on Improvisation and Contact Improv. His main interest in dance is the development of movement vocabulary which incorporates and works from a physically disabled body to express beauty, power, and autonomy.

The Project:

Frank & Alan: "We have been exploring disability and intimacy, sensuality and sexuality through dance and theatre for several years. Our work reframes disability as being fun and desirable. Burlesque is new for us. We are drawn to its elements of caricature, over-the-top, spectacle nature done for parody of social norms around gender roles and sexuality. Burlesque offers new opportunities for us to strip away a few more layers ... to lay bare disability ... to show you something you have never seen before..."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 12, 13, 14


  Photos by LOG Creative Bureau

Photos by LOG Creative Bureau