In the Little Black Box

Shorter than short bonus programming each weekend. The Little Black Box is an intimate performance space for 1 to 10 audience members.

The 'I'm Not a Doctor' Sleep Clinic

Created & performed by Gabrielle Lazarovitz
Presented by Little Boxes Theatre Collective

Step into the calming and serene sleep Sleep Clinic. Talk to a "non-doctor" sleep expert about what's keeping you up at night and let's figure out how to get the sandman on your side.

Gabrielle Lazarovitz (pictured)

... is an RBC Emrging Artist Award recipient and multidisciplinary artist who is proudly from Ottawa. For Fresh Meat: The Big Weed (traced theatre); Tolerance (THUNK!Theatre), TEAD Talks (Deborah Ring production). Most recent acting credits include girls!girls!girls! (Cart Before the Horse); Much Ado About Nothing, and Julius Caesar (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival); Edmond (Storefront Theatre & Red One Theatre Collective); Comedy Of Errors (A Company of fools); and Perfect Pie (Cart Before the Horse). Gabrielle directed girld!girls!girls! (Cart before the Horse), assistant directed Butcher and The Public Servant (GCTC). She is producing a play she wrote with Brad Long at Arts Court this February.

The Project:

Gabrielle: "I went through an acute period of insomnia a year ago. It affected me in profound ways and completely changed my relationship with sleep. Through my experience with insomnia I have educated myself on everything sleep! I'm intrigued by the holistic ways you can heal yourself, deepen, and better your sleep life. Through conversations with friends and family I learned how many people suffer from many different types of insomnia. I found the one thing that universally helps in some way is talking about it. I'm not a doctor but I care about your dream-life. This show is a love letter to everyone who has suffered a sleepless night."

Runs: ~10 minutes
Plays: October 12, 13, 14
All night

 Photo by LOG Creative Bureau

Photo by LOG Creative Bureau




Created by Liam Mooney

Step into the Metaverse and blur the lines between what's real, and what's not. The logic of the market is inscribed on everything and you've got a front row seat.

Liam Mooney (pictured)

...has a long history with the stage and screen. Musicals, plays, improvisations, short films, and talks. He's played a wide range of roles: maniacal villain, drunk cowboy, bombastic police chief, and an overly smitten trans-Atlantic ship passenger.

He still can't remember all the words to "The Confrontation" from Les Miserables but still sings the parts that he knows on a daily basis.

FM: If your show was a meal, what would it be?

Liam: "Emoji pizza."

Runs: ~10 minutes
Plays: October 19, 20, 21
All night