Created & performed by Chelsea Passmore & Travis Martin

A dance, theatre & poetry show about the progression from the beginning of a romantic relationship to the going deeper and unpacking baggage.

Can you expose yourself and accept the other as they are?

Chelsea Passmore:

Chelsea Passmore was a member of the Ottawa Rhythmic Gymnastics Club from age 9-17 and graduated from Canterbury High School's dance program in 2006. She attended the contemporary dance program at The School of Dance from 2010-2012. She participated in Sylvain Emard's Le Grand Continental and an improvisation by Mile Zero Dance in the Canada Dance Festival 2013. She danced for Allison Burns in Dark Horse Dance Projects 2017 and went on to co-produce a contemporary dance show with Allison in March 2018 for which she choreographed a solo for herself. She was eager to create a duet after this and is grateful to Travis for collaborating with her for this project for Fresh Meat!

Travis Martin:

Travis Martin is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in theatre, poetry, music, and video games. He spent most of his career in Montreal, where he wrote a handful of plays that were produced by his company, Playwright Hero. In Ottawa, he helped create Do You Want To Live Forever?, a dance/poetry/theatre performance at the Fringe in 2017.

A word from the creators:

"It started with images in my mind of a male/female dance duet. These images were somewhat vague and more about emotion. I started writing poems/text about romantic relationships and also went through old notebooks to find poems I had written years ago. I shared these poems and had conversations about the idea with a few other artists...and the conversations continue…"

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 18-20