Brit Johnston - Creator & Performer | Amanda Logan - Creator & Performer 
A Red Rabbits and Toasted Theatre Collaboration

The smiling faces of children stare back over cereal bowls: MISSING. Where is Penny? Who took Arksa?  

Inspired by the podcasts Criminal and CBC’s Finding Cleo.

Brit Johnston:

Brit is Anishinaabekwe from Serpent River First Nation. She is the co-artistic director of Red Rabbits Theatre, whose work centres on Indigenous storytelling. An active member of Ottawa’s theatre community; her most recent work has been featured in the Ottawa Children’s Festival, the TACTICS Workshop Series, and with Theatre 4.669. When she’s not running between #OttFringe fest venues, she can be found cuddling her cat.    

Amanda Logan:

Amanda is a theatre creator, producer, and performer.  After graduating from Algonquin College's Theatre Arts she has gone on to co-found Toasted Theatre Company, creating four original productions since 2016.  Most notably, Toasted's production of Lauren & Amanda Do It has toured in cities across North America, taking home a few accolades along the way (but also becoming a two-time Prix Rideau Award loser).  Outside of theatre, Amanda quilts, and no, she won't make one for you.

A word from the creators:

"A fanatic of true crime podcasts, Amanda was recounting an episode of Criminal about 'Milk Carton Kids.' Something odd stood out, all the children who made it onto cartons were white. But wait - weren’t there thousands of Indigenous children being scooped in the 1960s? Was this not right after the Atlanta child murders? A few months later, Brit said, "Remember that Milk Carton podcast? Let's write a play."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 17-19