Olive || زيتون

Created & performed by Sarah Haley

My grandfather was a refugee who started a new life in Canada. Years later, and equipped with the burning desire to share my story, this is an identity crisis with free food. What’s not to love?

Sarah Haley:

Sarah Haley is pursuing a degree in English literature with concentrations in Drama and Medieval and Early Modern Studies. She recently founded the Theatre Company The Lady Chamberlain, which focuses on the link between Medieval and Early Modern Theatre and Contemporary Theatre. An amateur director, playwright, and theatre critic, she is now attempting to combine her love of theatre and food with her fear of performance.

A word from the creator:

"I was at the 2017 undercurrents festival and I saw a performance of The Pipeline Project. I was struck by their honesty about culture and their audacity to fillet a salmon on stage and serve it afterwards. It set the wheels in motion for the form of my work, however, my life is the genesis for this show. I've always felt the need to tell my story, but I never had a good medium."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 11-13