Created/written by: Brooke Trealout 
Performed by: Noah Marcus and Brooke Trealout 
Direction: Carley Richards 
Dramaturgy: Aly Murphy

Negiah: a restriction on physical contact with members of the opposite sex outside of one's family or spouse. On their wedding night, Noa and Sam navigate what is newly permitted between them.

Noah Marcus:

Noah is psyched to be losing his Fresh Meat virginity this year with his performance in Brooke Trealout’s Permissible. As a practicing Jew himself he is beyond thrilled to be bringing Jewish themes and stories to the stage. His selected credits include: Him (Oxygen, University of Ottawa), Actor I (ByProducts/Ottawa Dérivé, University of Ottawa), Mark Antony (Julius Caesar, The Grand Theatre), Claudio (Much Ado About Nothing, The Grand Theatre), and Silly Robin (The Trials of Robin Hood, The Palace Theatre). As always, Noah is ever grateful to his family and friends for always supporting him in all his endeavours.

Carley Richards:

Carley is thrilled to be participating in her first Fresh Meat festival. Having recently graduated with a Master's degree in Neuroscience, she splits her time between her two passions: mental health and art. You may have seen her recently in Theatre Kraken's Lysistrata, Leaping Mammal Collective's ExDEMONators, or 9th Hour's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Experienced in collective creation, but not having directed since Garden Pains in the 2017 Youth Infringement Festival, Carley is greatful for the opportunity to get more directing experience with such a talented cast.

Brooke Trealout:

Brooke is honoured to premiere her second ever script at her first ever Fresh Meat Festival. Around Ottawa, you may have seen her in various roles at the Classic Theatre Festival, Taboo Production’s C.A.M.P., The Russian Play at University of Ottawa, or in your synagogue's Purim spiel. Offstage, Brooke works in disability services/education. She would like to thank her rabbis for not skimming over the sticky topics, and her husband for being a beacon of calm during her writing process.          

A word from the creators:

“While reading book after book about Jewish weddings and marriage, I noticed a theme in my reactions to what I was learning - a dual sense of sanctity and absurdity. Many of our traditions are beautiful and wise. Several of them make me giggle. A few of them make me uncomfortable. I continue to be surprised and delighted by the Jewish ethic regarding sex, which is focused on generosity and togetherness... and nobody crafts a euphemism like an ancient rabbi.”

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 17- 19