Created by Norah Paton

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Do you know how to roll a joint?

Let’s stumble through the threshold of legalization together.

Practice makes perfect.

Norah Paton:

Norah Paton is a theatre maker from Ottawa. Her creations include an extended love letter to Stephen Harper (Stephen and Me) and a group fortune telling experience (Readings). Her show Burnt, a deep-dive into Burning Man, was nominated for Outstanding New Creation at the 2017 Prix Rideau Awards. Norah loves Fresh Meat.

A word from the creator:

"I’m always inspired by the world around me. Often current events. This year Fresh Meat falls right at the time that the federal legalization of recreational marijuana comes into force. It’s interesting because it’s been very mainstream for a while, although some taboos remain. Will any of that change at all with this? The economics are pretty fascinating as well, but maybe more for a podcast. Maybe the most interesting part is that now that weed is coming out of the shadows of illegality, we can talk about it better.

"Weed has also been a part of my life for a while. Rolling is an integral piece to it - I’ve never been big on bongs or pipes - and invariably if I smoke with someone new, they will compliment me on my roll. Not trying to sound too braggy. Rolling has become this careful, personal act, and I’m excited at the idea of trying to share it.

"So it’s part-art, part-politics-part-ritual - INTO IT."

Runs: ~10 minutes
Plays: October 18-20