South African, Eh?: An Immigrant's Story

Created & performed by Priyanka Gopalkista

I am telling my story as to what it means to be an immigrant grappling with dual citizenship (South African and Canadian). Who am I? Dancing through space, I am hoping to answer that question.

Priyanka Gopalkista:

Priyanka Gopalkista is completing her final year at the University of Ottawa, obtaining her Honours BA in theatre with a minor in psychology. In May 2018 she was featured in a show titled 13 Tableaux of a Precarious Worker staged by Negative Theatre Company. Priyanka has also taken on the challenge of performing a one-woman piece for the 2018 Youth Infringement Festival titled Calypso, eh?. In 2017, she wrote, performed and assisted with her own production So You’re South African, eh? for the same festival. She puts her dance skills to use in this piece, as she is an experienced dancer of many styles including Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and Indian. As an artist, she hopes to grow and evolve to continue to create art in all forms.

A word from the creator:

"I was inspired to do this piece because I had done a similar piece two years ago for Youth Infringement Fest 2017. And I truly felt it was the greatest accomplishment so far, because I had told my story that a whole lot of people misunderstand. So in telling it in the way that is most truthful to me (on a stage - dance and storytelling), it worked. However, I didn't tell everything. So with this piece, given that I have 20 minutes to tell my story, I have smaller stories, with richer context, and less time. Challenge accepted."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 18-20