The Wounded Joker

Written & Performed by Janna Klostermann

With support from a slew of powerhouse women, including Marie-Andrée Auclair, allison calvern, Sharon Hamilton, Susanne Fletcher, Jillian Kennedy, Leah MacLean-Evans, Billie Moss, Emily Pearlman and Semira Selman

The Wounded Joker is a spiritually meditative, whoopee cushion of a performance. Going for broke, Janna rethinks comedy and 'care,' while revisiting her experiences recovering from open-heart surgery.

Janna Klostermann:

Janna is a feminist writer, performer and idea-comer-up-with-er. Her artistic and academic work takes to the page and the stage to explore comedy, class politics and tensions in care relationships. Ottawa writer Rick Taylor once described something else she wrote as “A riotous, irreverent, kick ass piece of autobiographical, standup fun that is also tender, vulnerable and deep.”

A word from the creator:

"The show is my own sick way of deciding whether to side with my Mom, who raised me on humour and Hamburger Helper and taught me to use comedy to cope with everything, or to side with a ‘pay what you can’ therapist, who warned me – and me in particular – that I couldn’t laugh at everything and should probably stop cracking jokes and start processing my feelings."

Runs: 20 minutes
Plays: October 10-12